Workout Splits

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Beginner-3 days a week full body workout

Leg press x3
Leg curl x3
Chest Press x3
Cable Row x3

Deadlift x3
Walking Lunges x3
Shoulder Press x3
Lat Pulldown x3

Squat x3
Dumbbell Chest Press x3
1-arm Machine Row x3
Assisted Chin-up x3

Cardio: Treadmill walking 20min after workout

Intermediate- 4 days a week upper/lower

Monday- upper
1a- Chest Press x3
1b- Cable Row x3
2a- Military Press x3
2b- Assisted Chins x3
3a- Rope tricep ext x3
3b- Barbell Curl x3

Cardio: Treadmill walking 20min

Tuesday- lower/abs
1- Squat x4
2a- Lying Leg curl x3
2b- Leg extension x3
3- Leg Press x3
4a- Calf Raise x3
4b- Plank x3

Cardio: Stairmaster 20min

Thursday- upper
1a- Incline Dumbbell Press x3
1b- Bent over Barbell Row x3
2a- Dumbbell Shoulder Press x3
2b- Lat Pulldown (underhand) x3
3a- Overhead Dumbbell Extension x3
3b- Dumbbell Hammer Curl x3

Cardio: Rower 20min

Friday- lower/abs
1- Deadlift x3
2- Walking Lunges x3
3a- Leg Extension x3
3b- Lying Leg curl x3
4a- Seated Calf Raise x3
4b- Crunches x3

Cardio: Bike 20min

Advanced and specific workout plans available for individual requirements. These workouts are written as a general guideline only. If you require further coaching to perform these exercises safely and to their full potential please seek professional guidance from our Personal Trainers.