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One of the cornerstones of any good fitness regime, effective cardio exercise can be completed in a wide range of ways. We offer a selection of different ways that our gym users can enhance their cardiovascular fitness, whether you’re training for a specific sport or event, are incorporating cardio as part of your overall strength and conditioning training or are simply looking to get fitter and burn some extra calories.

No matter what stage you’re at in your fitness journey, we have a form of cardio that will work for you. The selection of equipment at our cardio training gym gives locals access to advanced treadmills; stationary bikes; spin bikes, cross trainers, rowers and (if you’re looking to really feel the burn) StairMaster!

Each piece of equipment is made to a high standard and benefits from a selection of hi-tech features. In addition to manual settings, users can also access a selection of pre-set programmes on most pieces of equipment: this adds a good degree of variety to any workout.

Our cardio equipment enables users to measure heartbeat, calories burned and similar information. We have invested in cutting-edge gym equipment, some of which can be synced with personal fitness trackers, enabling our gym-goers to monitor their performance and see their progress over time.

The major benefit of our cardio equipment is that users can tailor their workout to suit their specific requirements. Whether you are a newcomer to fitness or an experienced gym junkie, we have options for you to customise your cardio fitness routine to suit.

For people who want further assistance in designing a fitness routine that will enable them to move towards their goals, our personal trainers are on hand to offer help, motivation and advice.

A regular cardio workout can bring all sorts of benefits: from improved lung function and enhanced circulation through to lowered blood pressure, better cholesterol numbers, weight loss, elevated mood and a greater ability to cope with stress, cardio may really make a difference.

Body Sculpting & Fitness also caters to your functional training needs.

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