Strength & Conditioning training

When people think of the gym, most people think of weight training! The team at Body Sculpting & Fitness are huge advocates of strength and conditioning training for gym-goers. Whether you’re an experienced lifter or have never picked up a dumbbell, strength training really is for everyone.

Our personal trainers can provide you with a tailored workout plan that will allow you to progress and reach your goals.

Science shows that regular strength training can:

  • Reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Decrease body fat and body weight.
  • Burn calories.
  • Increase flexibility.
  • Enable people to perform daily activities more easily.
  • Protect joints from injury.
  • Improve sleep and enhance mental well-being.
  • Increases bone density.

Proper strength and conditioning training starts with the right equipment. We have invested in strength training equipment from two well-known names: Hammer Strength and Life Fitness. Straight-forward to use and with weights suitable for almost anyone, these are ideal for people who want safe, simple access to strength training.

From unique, clean, and modern machines to an expansive free weights section, Body Sculpting & Fitness has all the equipment you need to train all parts of your body.

When designing our weight training and strength facility, we listened to what our customers said and dedicated ourselves to providing something that would suit their needs. That’s why we have a large weights area, ensuring that even during peak times there are minimal waiting times to use the equipment. Because it’s roomy, you don’t get the claustrophobic, frankly sweaty atmosphere that can be an unpleasant occurrence in smaller gym spaces.

We have personal trainers available to assist with the strength training people need to improve their strength and muscle definition. If you want a ripped, defined physique for the beach, we can help you get there. At the other end of the spectrum, if your aim is simply to become a little stronger to enhance your health, we have the right equipment and routines for you.

No matter what your age, physical condition, or previous experience of strength training, we can offer fresh, effective methods to boost your strength and get you the gains you deserve. Contact us to find out more about our range of membership packages, with no lock-in contracts available and 24-hour access to the gym.

We also have extensive cardio training facilities at the gym and access to child minding services, meaning there’s no excuses not to get that workout in!

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