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Maintaining your fitness over the festive season

The festive period can be a time of temptation with food and alcohol, undoing all your hard work this year. Here are a few tips for staying on track with your fitness progress and maintaining it through this festive period: Get active after meals. Even a 10-minute walk following meals can help with how your...

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Benefits of an Infrared Sauna vs Traditional Saunas

The main difference between an Infrared Sauna and a traditional dry or steam sauna is the type of heat produced. Traditional saunas heat the air to a very high point, which in turn eventually heats your body up, however most people cannot stay long enough to reap the true benefits. Infrared Saunas use a much...

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General Nutrition and Food Choices

Everyone has different calorie requirements, different goals and a totally different reaction to certain foods. Working with a professional and getting to know your body through trial and error is crucial to fast tracking your progress. Here is a guide of quality food choices arranged by macronutrients to help you get the most of your...

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Workout Splits

Monday Leg press x3 Leg curl x3 Chest Press x3 Cable Row x3 Wednesday Deadlift x3 Walking Lunges x3 Shoulder Press x3 Lat Pulldown x3 Friday Squat x3 Dumbbell Chest Press x3 1-arm Machine Row x3 Assisted Chin-up x3 Cardio: Treadmill walking 20min after workout Monday- upper 1a- Chest Press x3 1b- Cable Row x3...

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We are Hiring!

Calling all Personal Trainers! Body Sculpting Fitness, Geelong’s newest 24/7 Gym in Torquay is about to open and we are looking for Personal Trainers to join our team. We have 3 positions available. Trainers will have the option to run our scheduled group classes in exchange for reduction in their rent with a rent free...

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Torquay’s newest 24-hour gym launching soon!

The much anticipated countdown to opening day has begun for the team at Body Sculpting & Fitness. Our 24-hour gym in Torquay is set to launch very soon, stay tuned for more info about our opening day. Our team have been working tirelessly to get everything ready to go for our members to hit the...

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