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Our Body Sculpting & Fitness group classes are a fantastic way for people to learn more about different types of training, exercise in a supportive environment and get the most out of their workouts.

No matter how committed you are to keeping fit and choosing a healthy lifestyle, sometimes life gets in the way. We know that schedules can vary, meaning many people just don’t have the time to ring in to cancel or book classes. That’s why we offer an online booking facility for the types of group fitness classes our clients like to use.

Enjoy pushing yourself with a team of like-minded individuals? Want some help reaching your goals without having to come up with your own training plan? If so, then group classes are a fantastic alternative for you!

From strength and conditioning workouts, to classes that really get the heart pumping like cardio and HIIT sessions, our group training classes have a little bit of something for everyone. Led by highly trained and experienced personal trainers, you’re bound to get the results you’re after, whether it’s your first day at the gym or you’re an experience fitness enthusiast.

At Body Sculpting & Fitness our goal is to create an inclusive environment where everyone can come and train to achieve their goals. You will be supported by knowledgeable and friendly trainers and an atmosphere that encourages personal growth in all its forms!

Our group classes – run by qualified personal trainers – help individuals of all fitness levels get the most out of their training. To find out more about our group fitness classes please get in contact with the friendly team at Body Sculpting & Fitness.

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