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We have personal trainers you can book sessions with, who specialise in everything from weight loss to strength work. Suitable for everyone from new gym users through to seasoned gym-goers who want to mix it up a little with some fresh routines, our personal trainers can devise tailored programmes that are designed to meet your specific needs.

Whilst exercise classes or trips to the gym on their own can work well for some people, for many others, personal training is the best option. Personal training involves working with a skilled fitness professional to decide on the best plan and routine to help you achieve your goals.

Whether your aim is to lose weight, increase your cardio fitness, shape & tone or a combination of these, sessions with a personal trainer may increase your chances of achieving your goals.

Personal trainers are a particularly good choice for people who have particular requirements: if you have an injury or pre-existing health condition, for example, or want to improve very specific parts of your sporting performance, a personal trainer can come up with a tailored routine that takes your strengths, limitations and personal preferences into consideration.

Personal trainers gym-goers can rely on for effective & fun training

All of our personal trainers come from a range of different backgrounds, bringing a diverse selection of talent to the team. If you tell us what type of approach you’re looking for, we’ll match you with a trainer that’s likely to suit.

Programmes set up with your trainer are regularly reviewed, helping you to measure progress as well as set new goals or revisit existing ones with fresh ideas. Ideal for people who want a holistic approach to well-being (for example a programme that incorporates healthy eating alongside exercise), personal trainers can completely transform your fitness levels.

All of our personal trainers pride themselves on the results they deliver for their clients. They will be dedicated and accountable to you on your fitness journey. For more information about our personal training services contact our friendly team.

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